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OFFICE: Client Comments:
"Eunice rearranged our office furniture so the work flows more efficiently. She reorganized files and arranged the bookcases by subject matter while adding a few accessory pieces for visual effect. She greatly improved the office appearance by arranging, reframing, and adding to the wall art. We are very pleased with the results. Eunice has the ability to visualize the changes necessary to improve the appearance and function-ability of an office."
-Certified Public Accountant

HOME: Client Comments:
"The first time I sought Eunice's insight and professional expertise was to make my living space more aesthetically pleasing -not an easy task! My nontraditional condo had irregular wall space, high ceilings and few windows. The transformation was delightful! When I moved to a smaller space, Eunice was present from start to finish. She assisted me with everything from closet usage to furniture and accessory placement. Eunice combines the unique ability to 'size things up' with a sensitivity to the client's special requests. These qualities are undergirded with meticulous attention to detail and commitment to the client."
-Academic Consultant

"When they need help, I refer my clients to Eunice. When one client was transferred with little time to prepare the house for showing, Eunice stepped in and made the house appear more appealing and spacious by decluttering, rearranging furniture and accessories. The results were amazing."
-Real Estate Agent

TRANSITION: Client Comments:
"Eunice helped me and my husband blend 2 households into one. Prior to the move, she visited all 3 houses, measuring tape in hand. She helped us decide what furnishings would blend well and what would not. On moving day, she was a life saver! Six movers were overwhelming me, putting boxes everywhere. Eunice came in with her plan in hand and directed the movers beautifully, piece by piece, room by room. She actually made it fun! That night my husband and I went to bed feeling like we were at home."
-Fundraiser, East Memphis Homeowner

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